If youth manifests itself through enchantment, it does not exclude, rather it evokes, particular hardships related to the management of one’s limits, dreams and first encounters with the outside world, family, society and the disappointments that derive from them. And where there is conflict, unease or tension, Pietro Mancini tunes in new frequencies to establish channels to convey messages and life stories that often touch earthly and sacred atmospheres, but not necessarily rituals.

Adolescence is not only a land of aspirations and magic, but it is also a place of restlessness and a time for metabolizing information sent from outside: from family, peers, school and the community. Reconnecting, retuning the frequencies, as it were, translates into a good chance of salvation from the prevailing alienation and individualism, which also protects and envelops the soul in paper, in solid cases, but vulnerable through the doors and windows, and especially through transmitting and receiving antennas.

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